The End*

*of 2017

You probably couldn't tell from this blog, since this is one area I've definitely slacked on, but 2017 was one HELL of a year for me. In 2017 I:

1. Published stories in Deciduous Tales, California Screamin', and;

2. Sold stories to Behind the Mask: Tales from the Id (out now!), and a couple other places that I can't talk about yet but am super excited about;

3. Was elected San Diego Chapter President of the Horror Writer's Association;

4. Attended Stoker Con, Wonder Con, Comic Con, the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, and a bunch of smaller readings/signings;

5. Wrote a TON.  How much, you ask? This much:

Total Short Stories: 52
Shortest Story: 54 words
Longest Story: 31,869 words
Novel Progress: 255,299 words
Total Words Written 2017: 559,615 words

In the first couple weeks of the year, I've finished the novel and am mostly complete with another short story. Of my 2017 output, I'm hopeful most will see the light of day at some point. I just need to find the time to go back and actually do some editing--not that I don't have time I could repurpose, but my attention span means I want to focus on writing the shiny new idea instead of polishing up the old one I already explored. Not the worst impulse in the world, but not the best way to enable a career as a working writer either. The good news is I have some killer stuff planned for the year, and I can't wait to share it.